Excellent Technology for Cold Glue Application from Robatech

Cold glue becomes one of the popular choices of adhesive. Cold glue can be considered as safer adhesive since it does not involve high temperature as what is found in the hot melt adhesive. However, it does not mean that application of cold glue can be simple. When it is for casual use, it may be easy to do. It will be quite different when it is the cold glue application in businesses and industries. The cold glues are applied on products, and these are massive production. It will be beneficial when the application of cold glue can be made automatic so it will be more efficient and effective. In this case, Robatech provides the solution, and it can be found in Sempre-15 and Sempre-30.

Fast and Precise Application of Cold Glue


There are different applications of cold glues. Different materials will have different treatment to make sure that the parts are glued perfectly. There are application of glue in a form of dot, bead, and continuous glue. These all need high precision to make sure that the parts that will be connected can be glued perfectly. In addition, it should be applied fast since it is for industries so speed can become essential. The technology from Robatech can provide these two aspects. In addition to its speed and precision, it even can be customized to run automatically so it does not require many operators to handle the jobs.

Durable and Efficient Technology

Since it is for a business, the technologies should be durable. It is needed for long term, and it is important to make sure that the technologies can provide stable performance even after years of usage. Robatech already provides best parts and materials to make sure that it will be durable.  Even, its maintenance is not complicated. There are some features that make it durable and need less maintenance. One of them is the CleanStart Nozzle cover and it will be useful to prevent dried adhesive blocking the nozzle. Cleaning processes are also quite simple, so it is totally efficient.