Developing Business with Xing

If you are the person that works to provide some services like barber, online taxi, or delivery service, you may need to promote your company. Therefore, people know about your company and use your service. Nowadays, you can use many social media platforms to promote your company. You can use free and paid to promote. It depends on your ability. However, if you want to expand your company, it will be better to join the social media that provides the business account specifically. This platform will have a wide connection which can help you to increase the awareness of people about your services. One of them is the Xing Smartphone App. If you have the account of your service company, you can put the description of your company and let the people know about this. It will boost the promotion of your company. Once you join and make a business account, you can install more applications which are called “The Watcher24”. This application is built by Xing Visitor Smartphone App. The Watcher24 application will help you to count the number of visitors on your business account. It will help you to expect the awareness of people about your service company.

The advantages of Xing Visitor Application

Well, once you use The Watcher24 application, you can know how many people have visited your business account. But you need to know more profile visitors on Xing. So, how is it? No need to worry. This application provides some services to the premium member including the ability to know the profile of visitors. It means that you need to join the premium member. After that, you get the ability to know the visitors that have visited your business account. If you know the profile of visitors, you can arrange and place the link of your website in the proper place. So that, they can know and explore your service company through your website. You don’t need to pay the paid promote account to promote your service company. You can just use your own business account to make it. When you have the business account, you can make some preparations for your account. That will help the visitors to know more about your service company.

How to prepare the business account

When you have the business account, you should consider how to make your account to be easily understood. You can add more description in the advertisement for your service products. Then, you can put the link directly to your company website. You can make the description to be more interesting so that the visitor’s curiosity is increased. The application also provides the “Portfolio” section. In this section, you get the freedom to promote your services products with the text and picture. People will get more interested if they can get a clear description, detail, and picture. Are you ready to promote your service company? Or do you have other products? No need to waste your time. Just join this application and see what will happen next.