Photo Screensavers bring a gallery of photographic "diamonds" to your computer, letting you contemplate the beauties of the world during the moments when can glance at your monitor while doing some other things.

A great choice of themes and styles in numerous categories, including oceans and coasts, landscapes, mountains, waterfalls, vehicles, and lovely body art - it's all there. Each category in its turn contains from one to a dozen of screensavers, each loaded with numerous impressive shots. New images are added on the regular basis.

With this screensavers in your computer, you can turn your breaks into entertaining and cognitive slide shows. One picture smoothly follows the other; thanks to a good choice of shots and transition effects, at moments, you can even feel the breeze of the palm coast or "hear" the sound of the water. Rotating in a random order, the pictures add a surprise element to the show.

3D Screensavers

Living Photo Screensavers bring you a new dimension in presenting pictures that prompt the imagination and recall exotic memories. While your computer is idle you will find yourself contemplating the most beautiful nature scenes in the world. Living Photo Screensavers consist of several screensavers with living (animated) waterfalls, oceans and rivers. Each of them has authentic sound and transition effects.

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A real-time 3d animations of beautiful nature scenes, planet earth, clock showing exact time, ancient castle and discoveries and more. 3D screensavers bring you holiday spirit as well as cozy winter atmosphere. You can also enjoy coral reef and beach wonders. All screensavers are available for a free trial download and contain no spyware, adware etc.

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Photo Screensavers are slideshows with selections of best photos. Full versions have 20 pictures, demo version consists of 5 pictures.

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Animals (12)
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